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First ever

Smart Contract

100 % Decentralized

Revolutionary Smart Contract technology offers new opportunity to earn money online easily with blochain and without much investment. 

Why use forsage ?


Membership fees accessible to everyone. To join Forsage, you only need a one-time payment of 0.065 ethereum, which is less than $15.00 USD at the time of writing. No more cost will be required to generate passive income for life.


Scam free, Protected by an Ethereum Smart Contract. The funds go directly to your crypto wallet, a smart contract is responsible for their distribution according to marketing. No commission is charged, no hidden fees.

Generate passive income easily

Forsage works on 2 matrices (X3 and X4) and has 12 levels.  Each level reached allows you to earn more money. The more people you refer, the more you will earn. However, with matrice X4, you can win without referring anyone.

How does it work ?

It’s very simple. Forsage is a smart contract based on Ethereum money. A smart contract is an automatic execution of a computer program which cannot be modified, cannot be stopped, without human intervention and which does not belong to anyone.

This means that when an event is triggered, well this program runs without any other possibility. The triggers at Forsage are the purchases of slot(s).  There is 2 matrices on Forsage (X3 and X4).

The two matrices on Forsage have 12 slots, each of the slots being double the one preceding it (Slot 1 “costs” 0.025 ETH, slot 2 costs 0.05 ETH, slot 3 costs 0.1, etc to arrive at slot 12 which costs 51.2 Ethereum)

When you enter on Forsage, you will be in the first two slots of each of the matrices.

Each slot is actually a small matrix that will cycle throughout its life. 

Matrice x3

The principle of matrix 3 is easy. Whenever someone buys a slot, it comes in a free position in this mini matrix which is yours. He is your “godson” and will remain so for life. 

The first two slots (in blue on the right image) are paid 100%.
For example if we look at slot 2 which has a purchase value of 0.1 Eth, the first filled slot (the leftmost) allows you to receive 0.1 Eth (100%) and the second (the middle one) also 100% again 0.1Eth.

For the third slot (the pink one), this one is paid to you at 100% but and immediately used to automatically buy the slot of the same value. This is call reinvestment. It permit to repeat this cycle for life !

Matrice x4

The operating principle of this matrix is ​​the same as x3 with regard to its operation. We are now on a binary matrix whose filling is not done by descent but by overflow, this overflow can come from the Top or from the Bottom and from anywhere in the world. This mean you can earn money without referring anybody !

Position 1  and 2 will be paid 100% to your sponsor.
Positions 3, 4, 5 and 6 will be PAID TO YOU 100%, 3 directly in your wallet, the 6 th being automatically reinvested for the redemption of the same slot, this new slot created will be under your sponsor and we will recycle like this ALSO LIFE !

How join Forsage ?

* Step 1 : Install the app Trust Wallet for smartphone or install MetaMask from Chrome for laptop. Load your wallet with at least 0.065 ETH to cover Ethereum fees

* Step 2 : Copy and paste this link in your browser :

* Step 3 : Change the language and click on automatic registration to buy the 1st level 

* Step 4 : Passive income every days for life : recruit 2 or more people and carry out the necessary upgrades with your team

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Forsage News

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