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Forsage is certainly one of the best opportunities this year. Since February 2020, when the program was launch, more than 400 000 people have earn together around 3 million USD!

In this article we will present in 10 points the strength of this MLM:

1  Small amount of risk: Most of multi-level-marketing requires payment monthly or a large amount to begin. With Forsage, you only need 15 USD (0,05 ETH + 0,015 ETH for gas fees) and nothing more!

2  A huge demand: more than ten thousand of people joined Forsage every day! 

3  The income potential: there is no limit! The more you sponsor, the more you earn.

4  Win without referring: Yes, you don’t have to recruit people to win at Forsage! With matrix x4, you benefit from the overflow of your sponsor

5  No employees: this MLM is an affiliate program totally independent and decentralized.

6  Portability: a computer or smartphone is enough. You just need to share an affiliate link.

7  Income for life: Forsage is a smart contract, there is no expiration date. As long as Ethereum exist, you will be able to generate incomes!

8  A big community: you will found easily, on Youtube, Facebook link about Forsage, how it works and how to win!

9  Partner for life: You can’t loose your personal partner. It is forever bound to you.

10 – The attainable freedom: Imagine having a productive business in network marketing providing you with a lifestyle that only the rich and famous enjoy. Forsage help you achieve this goal.