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What is forsage ?

Forsage – crowdfunding international platform of new generation and the first ever smart contract with the marketing of type “Matrix” in the blockchain of Ethereum cryptocurrency. It uses a software algorithm performing the function of a distribution of the affiliate commissions between community members and the observance of certain conditions (the marketing plan). The code is in the public domain. Transaction information can be viewed at the link

What is ethereum ?

Ethereum (ETH) is one of the leading cryptocurrency established in 2015. The blockchain of the cryptocurrency allows you to create on the basis of smart contracts. A huge number of large crypto companies uses this currency.

What is a smart contract

Smart contracts, or smart contracts, are irrevocable computer programs, most often described on a blockchain, which execute a set of pre-defined instructions. The main idea behind this concept of smart contracts is to guarantee the binding force of contracts no longer by law, but directly by computer code.

How to make money quickly ?

The principle of earnings is based on building the partner network. You tell potential partners about the capabilities of the platform and send interested people your affiliate link. When a person registers through your link is under you in the system and you instantly get 100% payment on your wallet.

Win without reffering anyone ?

Yes it’s possible. Matrix x4 is arranged in such a way that all participants help each other. You can obtain spillovers from upline or downline, however, make a lot of money, doing nothing will not work. To provide a passive income in the future, you need to make some effort to attract new partners and the opening of new platforms in X3 and x4. Inviting a few active people in your team, you will be able to earn good money and achieve their goals. How quickly this will happen depends on you.

How much can I earn ?

The amount of your income depends on your level , the number of referrals and how actively they will work. At the first level, with only 2 people referred, you will earn 15$ that corresponds to the price of your registration. There is 12 levels at forsage. From level 5, you can already earn more than $ 1000 per cycle.